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STOKE starts Here

It may not be very scientific but "stoke" is the best description of that feeling you get while surfing. The instant that gets us hooked and keeps us in constant pursuit of the perfect moment. When time seems to slow down and a powerful force of nature turns into a playful waterpark. 

Surfboards may have evolved from their origins over the centuries but the fundamental use to have fun remains the same.  Our selection of surfboards covers a broad range of experience levels and surf conditions. Our quiver includes many great options for our local sunshine coast  breaks as well as suitable stock for intrepid surf adventurers. 

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Suburban Surf-JS Surfboard Supplier


Here at Suburban Surf we supply a variety of shapes from well established Australian surfboard crafters JS Industries. Their range suits much of the Sunshine Coast conditions we get most of the year and also includes a great selection of high performance shortboards for those chasing more critical conditions. 

Tragic Idol Hand Shaped Surfboard
Brett Kearney
Tragic Idol-Hand Shaped Surfboard


Keeping things truly local we've enlisted the talent of Brett Kearney of Tragic Idol. For quality hand-shaped small-wave boards including retro twin fins, quad fish & mini-mals to suit beginners to long-time shredders wanting that classic mellow surfing experience. 

Super Surfboards-Suburban Surf


With surfboard design progression at the front of Superbrand's driving force the quiver on offer is a high quality, versatile range of modern grovel and performance surfboards.



Learning to surf is made much easier on a foam surfboard. Softlite & Softech have all your foam board needs covered from 6ft0 to 8ft0. We also carry a range of Mullet foam boards including the Fatcat, Tombstone, Fishfinger & Biscuit for the more experienced surfer to slide around on. We choose these boards for their excellent build quality and well thought out design/shapes that make them safe and fun for all levels of surfers.

Want to know more about getting your first surfboard? Check out our beginners guide HERE 


We also stock used surfboards if you're after a quality used board. These pre-loved sleds still have plenty of stoke left. Stock is always changing so check in regularly for fresh arrivals.

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