JS Psycho Nitro Hyfi // Sunshine Coast Open Beach Weapon

JS Psycho Nitro Hyfi 2018-Surfboard

Since the conception of the "hybrid" fish surfboard one shape has been forever engrained in my mind. The original JS Nitro got many sunshine coast surfers through the under-delivering surf conditions of spring season and summer grovel days. The humble little fish inspired outline with shallow concaves, flat rocker profile and full rails was the perfect addition to any sunny coast quiver. Suited for 1-4ft weak surf it needed some careful handling in more critical conditions but was a rocket over fat sections and kept up with our fast beach breaks. As all things do there have been changes over the years and today's re-imagining is the latest JS Psycho Nitro Hyfi.

"With a full nose, extra foam under the chest and a smooth, flat continuous rocker for easy acceleration and paddling speed, 2018’s Psycho Nitro is the latest update on one of our all-time favourite small wave weapons! Now available in HYFI, the extra flex and pop allowed by our new tech matches up with the Psycho Nitro’s already insane grovelling ability to make an incredibly fast, light board that will give you the absolute best chance to enjoy weak conditions. For this year, we’ve also eliminated the flyer, pulled in the swallow tail a touch more, and deepened the concaves. This complements the Psycho Nitro’s other features by providing a lively rail-to-rail feel that’ll have you drawing lines in average (or even terrible) waves that simply aren’t possible on other boards"

If you're after a surfboard to take out in any condition no matter how shitty then the Psycho Nitro Hyfi might be the next best addition to your quiver.

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